Beach flags

Are you looking for something more original than a standard Flag or banner? Our beachflags are highly acclaimed. They draw one’s attention with their modern shape and elements that meet high quality standards. Some important information about our beachFlags
flagi plażowe


  • standard knitted fabric, polyester 100%, 110g/m2, high tensile strength
  • glossy knitted fabric, similar to satin, polyester 100%, 115g/m2 or 130g/m2, extracts the colour depth perfectly
  • knitted fabric, polyester 100%, 130g/m2 perforated pattern of the stitch, suprema

If you are interested in different fabrics please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to find the one that meets your expectations most.

Printing options

Screen printing or transfer printing (we use only high quality disperse dyes)

  • UV resistant print for full colours (7-8 degrees out of 8 for screen printing)
  • UV resistant print for full colours (4-5 degrees out of 8 for transfer printing)


  • made of aluminium or fiber glass
  • shape on top: 1/4 or 1/2 of a circle
  • sizes: from 2m to 7m (flag is usually 50cm shorter)


  • square
  • cross
  • ground spike
  • plastic or metal stake


Transport bag + cardboard box

Visit the gallery to see our example projects